margerison 200John Margerison

John serves as the Global Impact Inc Australia representative based out of the Gold Coast. John Margerison, an entrepreneur and strategy expert, brings 20 years of experience as a consultant and company director in key sectors: Information Technology, Capital Markets/Finance, Trade, Infrastructure, Banking, Legal, and Funds Management. Mr Margerison’s insight, clarity and understanding of strategy in business across these industries has led to his demand as an advisor in assisting companies achieve traction and sustainability, merger/acquisition/listing goals and strategic outcomes.

Having been a Director of both American and Australian public companies, Mr Margerison’s strategic influence and expert communication skills have been utilised in assisting represent corporate clients in negotiations with multinational companies, banks, governments and large organisations. Mr Margerison is widely recognised as being able to engage with any product/service, identify client needs, and competently bring parties together to provide productive outcomes.

His entrepreneurial side has been demonstrated by starting and acquiring companies in financial services and the health arena. Mr Margerison continues to hold interests and directorship in his financial services companies, fund management companies as well interests in the health arena. His IT based business continues to grow with over 16,000 users worldwide having utilised his foreign exchange trading platform. During the financial crisis in 2008-2010 Mr Margerison assisted hedge funds by utilising his foreign exchange background and finance experience to create trading algorithms which were subsequently used by funds to assist clients portfolios.

Living in Australia, Mr Margerison holds a degree in Commerce with further study in financial markets, foreign exchange and financial services. Providing advice and consultancy to government, multinationals, and privately held national companies, Mr Margerison is at the core of companies strategic advice and operationally assisting to achieve corporate goals and their strategic missions